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Tue Apr 21

Preston’s Condition

Hi friends, Alex here, I wanted to let you all know what’s been going on. This is a little personal, but since our fans are our family, we wanted to fill you in. Yesterday morning, our bass player Preston was admitted to a hospital after he collapsed on the floor. Complaining about stabbing back pains, Preston’s mother rushed him to the hospital. After undergoing several tests, the doctor’s informed his mother that he has Caliceal Diverticulum which means your kidneys can not filter calcium which in turn calcifies the walls of the kidneys causing kidney stones to become so large, they can’t be passed. He was in the hospital all day taking painkillers to deal with the pain and this morning underwent surgery to brake down the stones. Tonight, Preston was sent home and is recovering slowly, he’s seen the support you’ve given him on Myspace and he feels blessed to have all of you by his side. After high school Preston pursued his dream of joining a band, recording a record, and touring, since he’s not in school, like all of us in the band, he’s not eligible to receive free medical insurance. In other words, the recent trip to the hospital leaves him to pay his bills out of his pocket. Preston and his mom have set up a paypal account¬† (I included the link below) so that anyone who would like to help them out can send donations, even if it’s a dollar it would be greatly appreciated. We feel extremely lucky that Preston was home when this occurred because we just got home from tour and this would have been a terrible thing to happen to someone while being on the road. With all of this said, we have two homecoming shows in New Jersey this weekend, we were going to play acoustic but Preston being determined insisted on playing because he feels that he will let you all down if he’s not there. This Friday we are playing the Freehold VFW located on 50 Waterworks Road in Freehold, NJ and Saturday at Hangar 84 located on 20 S 6th Street in downtown Vineland, NJ. Please come out and show your support, we will be accepting donations at the shows as well. Thank you so much for reading and for your never ending support, we would be nothing without you!¬†


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